A New Attitude

Some wise soul on facebook posted a thread asking participants to mention something they were thankful for throughout the month of November. This little project opened my eyes. I realized how I had started to look at things. Instead of seeing the beauty of the rose, I was annoyed by the thorns. My glass wasn’t half full, but almost empty. Blah blah blah. I knew immediately I needed a new attitude.

I decided that my resolution (yes, a resolution made before the new year) would be to find something to be thankful for daily. My goal is to “lose my ungrateful mind.” (thus where my tag line came in) I want to have a thankful spirit. In all things I want to give thanks. In so doing, I hope to honor my Creator for blessing me beyond measure.

One of my favorite performers, Wynonna Judd, sings a song entitled, Attitude.  The chorus reads, “There’s two ways to take what this ol’ life’s gonna throw at you:  You can choose to win or lose:  It’s all about attitude.”

As I thought about the words to this song, I concluded that the words to this chorus ring true.  Life IS all about attitude.  There is not a living soul in the world today with a perfect life.  Granted, many may have an easier, more glamorous life, but we have witnessed many of these same people struggle with finding happiness once they realized they couldn’t buy the one thing they needed most.

Our attitude shapes us and defines us.  As the song says, we have a choice…we can choose to win or lose because it’s all about attitude.  I want to win.  I want to raise my arms in triumph.  I want to stand up on the podium and accept the prize.

There is nothing more unattractive on a person than an attitude that reeks of defeat, failure, and misfortune.  Instead of bathing ourselves in self-pity, let’s make it a point to immerse one another with love, praise and encouragement.  Our attitude about life, about others, and even ourselves, needs to be a priority.  Take a moment…put your attitude under a microscope…what do you see?

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8 Responses to A New Attitude

  1. Janet says:

    Great thoughts Jennifer. Please remind me to be more thankful for the positive things in my life when I complain about the negatives!!

  2. Robyn says:

    Learning to dance in the rain is the hardest thing I have ever done!!!!! Still working on it! Like u I haven’t been grateful for years, I spend way too much time grumbling and complaining to God. No wonder I’ve spent so much time in the wilderness! Thanks Jennifer!!!!

    • Thank you Robyn for your comment. We all have issues, setbacks, and stumbling blocks that seem to get in our way and cause us to forget our blessings. We just have to be reminded sometimes of what we do have.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the comment Janet. I’m afraid we are all guilty of this. I hope to improve my outlook. We shall see…

  4. Delia Rodriguez says:

    I can so relate to this blog. When my daughter went off to college it was bitter sweet. I was happy for her, but that also meant I was getting old. I was starting to feel sorry for myself, being discontent with the way I looked, acted, every flaw magnified. I didn’t share this with anyone in my family. This was all just going on in my head. Everyone moved on to the next phase of their life effortlessly, but me. So I figured I needed an attitude adjustment. I’m a work in progress right now. But I’m getting there.

    • Delia, I understand completely. I think it is just harder on us moms for some reason. I think we just realized that a huge milestone had hit us. Our kids are growing up…yuck! I love that in one respect, but would love to keep them under my roof and under my feet at the same time. I am a firm believer in sharing, whether its with a friend or a therapist. LOL I’m sure I will write about that later in my blog. Hang in there friend and thanks for the comment.

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