Thankful for the Lightbulb Moments

Funny thing happened a few days ago on my Losing My Ungrateful Mind Journey.  I thought I had an original idea.  I was so proud of myself, doing research, making lists, exploring possibilities and such, when I came across an intriguing book and website,  The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin.     Arghhhh…  “Are you kidding me?”  Boy, was my bubble busted.   My project was almost a mirrored image of hers.  The only exception was she was working on her happiness while I was working on my thankfulness.

Originally I had planned to entitle my journey, The Thankful Project…My Search to Find Something to be Thankful for Daily.  My intention was to do this for a year.  I wanted to publish it to a blog to hold myself accountable not only  to myself but to followers as well.  Fearing if I didn’t, the project would fade over time and just be an unfinished blueprint left rolled up on a table somewhere.

I got the idea after watching the Meryl Streep movie, Julie/Julia.   In the movie the character Julie, decided over the course of a year she would cook something out of Julia Child’s cookbook daily and write a blog about it.  She did this to hold herself accountable.  (Great movie that I highly recommend).  After watching the movie I decided I would do something similar.  I needed a project and this seemed doable.

After stumbling upon The Happiness Project, I considered throwing in the towel.  Why start something that had already been done?  Yes, my project was a little different I argued to myself…the main difference was my word “Thankful” and her word “Happiness.”  What to do?  What to do?  Then a light bulb went off…”Jennifer, you are doing this for YOU.   You are not doing this expecting a movie deal, a book contract, or a phone call from Oprah!  Why would you quit before you even started?”  Good point.  The only disappointment I suffered was the realization that my idea was still my idea (in my own mind at least), but someone else had beat me to the starting line.

I had to remember that my reason was personal…it is a trip of a lifetime.  It is a search to better myself, to bring myself closer to my God and Creator, and to have a change in attitude.  I can still take the journey…I’m packing…I’m waving…I’m out the door!

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2 Responses to Thankful for the Lightbulb Moments

  1. Delia Rodriguez says:

    Remember Jennifer, “Great minds think alike.”

  2. Paula says:

    Don’t ever turn off the lights ! !

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