I Have a Dream…or Rather it Sucks to be Me (jk)

One dream I had as a child was to be the first lady…you know the one that lives in the White House? (especially at Christmas).  I am like a little kid in a candy store when I notice that THE WHITE HOUSE CHRISTMAS special is on TV.  I grab my cozy, warm blanket, my bowl of air popped popcorn (no butter Dr. Martin), my faithful companion Scooter, and put my phone on mute.  It is an event that I look forward to each year even if it is a re run.

To see the handiwork, the details, the magnitude of what goes on at such a grand scale is simply amazing.  Artists are handpicked, usually by the first lady(in my dream that would be me), to display their work on ornaments, Christmas cards, carvings in wood, candy, and paper mache.  The artists painstakingly paint each ornament by hand or carve animals to be displayed on the tree or on mantles.

There are Christmas trees in every room …and these are no sad little Charlie Brown trees either.  They are beautiful beyond words and the tress are real and fresh.  Each room generally has a theme and the branches are covered from tip to tip.  In my dream, I walk from room to room in my pjs and slippers and smell the branches, watch the lights, and look and touch each ornament.

The selection of the gigantic tree that is lit in front of the White House is a year long search.  The Christmas tree that represents the citizens of the United States has to reach the sky and millions of small tinkling lights fill its branches (and I stress over putting up a couple of boxes of lights on my Charlie Brown tree…geez).  Evergreens and pine cones drape the doorways and mantles.  Poinsettias line the halls and fake snow blankets the floor underneath the trees.

The White House chefs prepare elaborate cookie ornaments and candies, but the main attraction is the gingerbread “White House.”  It takes several days and several men to move this work of art.  You might even see the First Family’s pets (which in my dream would be Ruffles and Scooter, my pets) made of gingerbread.

Calligraphers painstakingly hand address thousands of Christmas cards, and countless volunteers assist White House staff in preparing America’s home for the holidays.

As I mentioned earlier, I always dreamed of being the First Lady.  I’m thinking this might be one dream that probably isn’t going to come true, being that I’m not married at the moment.  So, with that dream crushed, I guess I am going to have to settle for capturing the White House Christmas spirit via television.  However, now that I think about it, not only do I not have a husband…I don’t have TV.  Boy, it sucks to be me (not really).  But, I’m thankful anyway…

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2 Responses to I Have a Dream…or Rather it Sucks to be Me (jk)

  1. Paula says:

    Jennifer for President ! ! !

  2. But I don’t want to be President! I want to be First Lady!

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