Annual Lighted Christmas Parade aka Texas Christmas in the Sticks

The air was crisp, the carols playing from the speakers set the mood, the backdrop of lights painted the live canvas, and Santa and the elves were a hit!  The aroma of Pop’s kettle corn filled the air and steaming cups of hot chocolate piled high with whipped creamed warmed the cold hands of the bystanders as they waited for the lighted parade to pass.

The floats, garnished with multi colored lights, fascinated young and old alike.   To witness the creativity of some of the local townspeople and their willingness to participate in this annual event is what community is all about.  The coming together to create a celebration for all to enjoy is what makes events like this special.

The thrill in the eyes of the children as they waited their turn to sit on Santa’s lap was truly a Kodak moment.  To watch as they gazed up to look in Santa’s eyes, their facial expressions… just their simple smiles…was priceless.

Successful evenings like this is what makes my job as an event coordinator enjoyable.  When I see the smiles, when I witness the turnout, when I hear the appreciation of the community, then the long hours and hard work are well worth it.

Today, I am thankful for my community.  You are truly a blessing!

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One Response to Annual Lighted Christmas Parade aka Texas Christmas in the Sticks

  1. Paula says:

    You know moving to Snyder has allowed me to enjoy so many wonderful “in the sticks” moments. I came to Snyder with heels dug in the cement on I20 but boy am I glad I am here now. Love Christmas parades, White Buffalo Parades, (Days) ……

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