If Life is a Bowl of Cherries…

A friend mentioned recently that she enjoyed my posts, but she didn’t like the fact that they were sad.  Other followers have seemed to relate to my entries and have responded, mostly privately, sharing their own stories.

The journeys that I share, will have some entries of grief, heartsick, and low spirited moments.  Actually, I find when I’m at my lowest, the words flow easier and much faster.  I feel I express myself better when I’m in the valley.  However, I hope to reveal a light hearted side to my writing as well.  To write in the humorous style of Erma Bombeck would be an absolute dream come true.  Now, if I could come up with my own, “If Life is a Bowl of Cherries Then Why Am I Always in the Pits book I would have it made!

Please don’t take my writings as a search for an audience to share in my gloom.  I am not looking to invite my readers to a pity party.  Overall, I am very content, at peace with myself, and yes, happy.  My entries are merely an expression of a walk through my life.  On occasion my walk will take me down a path of anxiety, dejection, fear, and pain.  Other days will find me wrapped in a blanket of joy, exhilaration, and laughter.

Today I am thankful for the parties…the happy parties and even the pity parties.  They form the person I am today.

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6 Responses to If Life is a Bowl of Cherries…

  1. Lori Cleveland says:

    Read Erma Bombeck’s book when I was younger…..didn’t know anyone else remembered her. I too would love to be able to express myself as she did. Awesome!!!

  2. Terrisu Mann says:

    Jenn, we were just talking about how we, as the Body of Christ, need to come along side and share those journeys, not always “happy cherries”, not always the “pits”, but your journey that we’re willing to walk through with you none the less.
    Walk on my friend!
    Can’t help but share that every Christmas I put our Christmas tree ornaments on our tree, I relive some of those “happy party” moments and remember the year we made all those felt ornaments; hundreds of them, and then we shared them with each of our quilting ladies. I think of each one of those friends and you and think about the wonderful times we had and the memories we’ll always share. Thanks for just being the Jennifer we all love. Write however you want, however you feel, we’re following right there beside you!!!

  3. Paula says:

    Well that is much better. The snow…Oh my gosh forgot to mention…I didn’t know what that was. Took my glasses off….looked….put them on….looked….I though I had some eye disease for a minute. Caused me to chuckle when I realized it was “snow”. Yea for snow…let it snow…let it snow…let it snow….(Dean martin) I did go turn the thermostat up, it caused a chill ! !

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