Elizabeth Edwards…a Fighter Until the Bitter End

Elizabeth Edwards in Reno

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I have never met Elizabeth Edwards personally, have never carried on a conversation with her, exchanged email addresses, heck, we weren’t even facebook friends.  I know her only through the media.    I liked her almost immediately.  I didn’t always agree with her stance, her politics, or her comments, but yet I found myself drawn to her.  I wanted to hear what she had to say.  She seemed like a wise old soul, very intelligent, and sincere.
Then when it was announced during her husband’s campaign that she had cancer, I was amazed with her strength, her determination,  her fight, and her desire to stay on the campaign trail in support for her husband.
Her husband, John,…well, now that we know the truth about him, all I can say is he had great hair.  Where he stood on foreign policy, unemployment, and taxes I couldn’t tell you, but I was fascinated with his hair.   I always wanted to reach up and brush it away from his eyes…you know like Barbara Streisand did to Robert Redford at the end of the movie,  The Way We Were.
I feel heartache that in Elizabeth Edwards last years she was faced with not only the betrayal of her husband but the return of her cancer.  Yes, John might have been by her bedside in her last days, but I’m sure the pain of his actions was always in the front of her mind.  Hopefully, they were able to resolve their hurts, issue apologies, express forgiveness, and share in some happy moments before her passing.
I believe that Elizabeth Edwards legacy will be her fight for some of her core beliefs:  health care, the war, and her compassion and fighting for the rights for those, like herself, that had lost a child.    She will also be remembered  as a lady that told it to you straight, and was a fighter until the end.  Rest In Peace Elizabeth Edwards and thank you for touching the lives of many.
Today, I am thankful for people who stand for something, and who tell it to you straight.
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2 Responses to Elizabeth Edwards…a Fighter Until the Bitter End

  1. Delia Rodriguez says:

    A few months back Oprah had interviewed Elizabeth Edwards, and my heart really went out to her. Especially when she said she had asked one thing of her husband. To always be faithful to her, we know how that played out. Apparently her mom had a philandering husband and she saw the pain she went through. I’m sure they never thought her cancer would return with a vengeance, he really didn’t have to wait long before he would have been a free man. He had to kick her when she was down. To be honest I’ve lost a lot of faith in men in general. I know they’re not all the same. I was reading some scripture from the Old Testament in the Bible and I was getting agitated. Back then men were allowed to have several wives and children from their wives maidservants. That’s not the way it is now, but men seem to think they have some sense of entitlement. Looking back does John think it was worth it? His reputation tarnished forever. We have to live with the consequences of our choices.

    • I have trust issues with men as well and I hate that. Our world today just doesn’t seem to honor commitment. Maybe it never has and I was just naive??? You are right, we do have to live with the consequences of our choices.

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