Got My Toes in the Water…My A** in the Sand

Some people dream of playing the slots in Vegas, some dream of Mickey Mouse ears from Florida, while others dream of the New York skyline.  Me?  Well, I dream of the beaches of Cozumel, Mexico.  There is nothing I enjoy more than the Iberostar Resort on the tiny island of Cozumel.

My sister finds my fascination with the beach hysterical for numerous reasons.  I hate the water (actually I’m terrified of water), I hate to sweat ( I have to remind her that women don’t sweat, but glow), and I’m not obsessed with getting the perfect tan.

I am charmed by it’s people, the beauty of the island, and the peacefulness of the ocean.  I have never found any place to be more relaxing than this tiny little spot I call paradise.  I wake early each morning to drink my morning coffee on the white sandy beach or on my front patio.  I watch as the workers rake the  seaweed that has deposited itself upon the beach overnight.  I listen to the waves as they race one another to the shore, then retreat back from whence they came.  I watch the sun as it peeks over the horizon and gives me a wink as it welcomes the new day.

To walk in your little cabana and discover flower petals scattered on the bed and a towel sculptured as a jungle animal is a delight.  To walk into the dining room and observe the chefs perform their culinary skill right before your eyes, to see the vast array of food as it is blanketed before you, and to see that food can be art…carved and sculptured into such beauty that you feel guilty putting it on your plate and then consuming it.

This little island is full of poverty, but the beauty of the island and the warmness of its people overshadow its surroundings.   I’m sure I will be sharing more of my scrapbook memories of this hot spot in the near future.  It would be selfish of me to keep this little hideaway all to myself now wouldn’t it?

Today, I’m am thankful that I have had the opportunity to travel to a few places others only dream about.

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