How Will I be Remembered?

Have you ever given any thought of how you would like to be remembered once your time on this earth is gone?  I began to ponder this question after reading what others said about Elizabeth Edwards at her funeral.

It’s actually a scary thought when you begin to wonder what other people really think and say about you.  I asked myself, “Is this something I truly want to know?”  Will I be able to handle the truth if I realize I have failed miserably in my quest?

So…How do I treat others?   How do I make them feel?  Do I acknowledge them?  Do I listen to what they say?  Do I show them I care?  Do I laugh with them?  Do I cry with them?  Do I make them feel special and needed or ignored?  These were just a few of the questions I came up with.

I know what my intentions are, but good intentions don’t count in this game.  If they did…I think I could score an A+!  I intend to send out birthday cards.  I intend to drop by and say hello.  I intend to make that phone call.  I intend to ask you to lunch.  I intend to help you with that project.  Boy, I’m beginning to see that I have failed miserably in several areas.

I have attended several funerals where the speaker is discussing the deceased…sharing about their lives, their accomplishments, and ALWAYS their good points.  I have caught myself on occasion looking around to see if I’m in the right service because I am not recognizing the person being talked about.  I’m not suggesting that the speaker should talk bad about the dead, but it’s a sad day if the people in attendance don’t recognize the person from the things being said.

I believe it was a chapter in Tom Sawyer where Tom and Huck were thought to be dead when actually they were alive and well.  During “their funeral service” they were hiding in the church attic.  They could hear the cries and they could hear the words being said about them.  I think about that passage often.

My question to you is…if you could watch your own funeral would you like what you see?  Would you be proud of the person being described?  Would you recognize yourself as the speakers come forward?  Or, would you cringe at the words being spoken because you realized they were untrue?  Would you watch as others silently chuckle in disbelief because they recognized the words being said were only words of comfort for your family and not actual fact?

I challenge you to examine your life and your actions.  Let’s see if we can make a better world by becoming a better friend.

Today, I am thankful for the ability of self examination and what I can learn from what I find.

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4 Responses to How Will I be Remembered?

  1. Kristin Gunset says:

    I know that after reading this post that there will be so very many people spit on my grave! Eventhough I did have good intentions, thought I had a good heart and thought my words were in the right contect! ….. Lost a lot of friends because they relied on my so called honesty!

    • Kristin, I can’t imagine anyone spitting on your grave. If you lost friends because of your honesty, I doubt they were true friends to begin with. A true friend respects our honesty, forgives us when were wrong, and loves us through it all. The trick is finding a true friend. Love you girl.

  2. angie kahn says:

    oh my gosh!!! one of my biggest fears. My precious girls go to my funeral and no one even there, reguardless of good or bad things they may say of me. Are we depressing people or what?

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