Jennifer’s 12 Commandments…Yes it Takes 12 for Me

Since I have began my journey on learning to be thankful, I can honestly say I have learned quite a bit about myself.  I don’t always like what I see when I peel back the layers, but the process has been rewarding.

In her book, The Happiness Project, author Gretchen Rubin decided to incorporate 12 personal commandments for herself in her quest to find true happiness.  I decided that I would tag along and do the same for myself.  I am curious as to why Gretchen thinks we need 12 Personal Commandments when God only gave us 10 Commandments (LOL).  However,  rather than get bogged down in the details, I decided to just jump in and see what I could come up with for myself.  This wasn’t as easy as I had hoped.

As I got myself comfortable on my old leather couch, aged to perfection, with my trusted sidekick Scooter by my side, I began to try to gather my thoughts.  Hmmmm…after several minutes, my page was still blank.  I questioned how setting personal commandments for myself could be so difficult.  I concluded that the challenge lay in the process of selecting only the best for myself.  I wanted my commandments to represent not only who I am, but also who I wanted to become.

Examining yourself under a microscope, and looking at yourself with x-ray vision glasses is quite an eye opening experience.  I like to think I know who I am or how I present myself to others.  However, this self examination is exposing things to me that I don’t really appreciate about myself.  Which is the purpose for this journey…to find who I am, to correct or improve certain qualities, and to always be thankful.

Once I finish my list of personal commandments, I will gladly share what I come up with for myself.

Today, I am thankful for the journey through life…and what it teaches.

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