Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

The Manhattan
Coffeehouse in Snyder, Texas has the ultimate Christmas tree.
I’m not talking about any old fake, plastic tree. I’m talking
about a good, old fashioned “they grow ’em bigger in Texas” type
Christmas tree. It’s a unlike any tree I have seen before,
except of course, in a magazine. The branches of this massive tree
stretch to the restored, stamped metal ceiling which towers
overhead. The lights, twisted and coiled, encircle the tree and
peek over and around the ornaments. The ornaments embellish
the tree and dress the branches with jewels, trinkets, and frills
like garnish on fancy dinner plate. The smell of the pine, combined
with the aroma of the freshly ground coffee and the carols playing
softly on the stereo, helps to set the stage for the Christmas
spirit and mood. Poinsettias adorn the room, wreaths are hung, and
the windows are cheerfully painted with a Christmas motif. If
one is missing the spirit of Christmas, they need only to walk
through the doors of this historical building and take in its
beauty and warmth. So, if you are out and about the city streets of
my hometown of Snyder, stop by The Manhattan Coffeehouse and take a
peek. I promise you will not be disappointed. Today I am thankful
for the beauty of this grand tree and the Kodak moment it

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