Mary’s Little Breath of Heaven…

I think of this moment often, but especially at Christmas time.  I see Mary, the mother of Jesus, combing her hair, picking flowers, or just lost in her own thoughts…when she looks up and sees an angel standing there.  Was she frightened or startled?  Did she want to run and scream?  Or did she know she was in the presence of a heavenly spirit?

I wish the scripture would have told us more about this young woman, Mary.  She has always intrigued me, probably more so than any other person in the Bible besides Jesus Himself.  What an amazing girl she must have been to be chosen as the mother of Christ our Lord.  Can you imagine what an honor that was bestowed upon her?  Can you picture the type of person she must have been? Can you envision the magnitude of the moment?

To be hand picked by God…for God Himself to point to you and say, “Hey you. Yes, you! The young lady with the veil…”I have chosen you to be the mother of my son!”  That thought totally gives me chills and always has.  I can see my worldly self questioning God’s decision, “Me?  God, are you Nuts?  I’m not sure I’m motherly material.  Can I just think about this?  What about Jane?  She would be a much better choice! I’m not sure I even want kids.”

How I would love to sit and visit with Mary.  To absorb her wisdom, her character, and her sweet spirit would be such an honor.  She would be one of my top choices  if I could select some people throughout history to spend time with and learn from.  I know Mary had to be an incredible human being.  Her title, as the mother of Christ, is a testament of the Christian life we should all try to live by and lead.

Listen to this beautiful song, Breath of Heaven, by Amy Grant , which is written as if Mary were talking and discussing her fears and concerns.

Today, I am thankful for Mary, the mother of Jesus, and the Christian example she led.

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2 Responses to Mary’s Little Breath of Heaven…

  1. Cindy Hughes says:

    How true, Jen! This is beautiful. I love the way you phrased this. I have to agree with how incredible that must have been!

    Love, Cindy

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