God…Ziggy and I Have a Question

Bitterness…something I have been struggling with lately.  Not proud of it by any means, but just something I seem to be wrestling with in my life.

I picked up a book at the local library sale back in October regarding the life of Joseph.  Joseph, if you recall from your Sunday School days, is the young man who was sold into slavery by his brothers, falsely imprisoned, and later became a leader in Egypt.  I know that God had a hand in me selecting this book, because if anyone had any reason to be bitter in this life, it was Joseph.

Have you ever had a moment like the cartoon character, Ziggy, where he looks up towards heaven and questions, “Have I been put on hold for the rest of my life?”   It’s not that my life is horrible or tragic by any means, but the hand that I have been dealt is not the hand I would have chosen for myself.  The obstacle I’m confronted with now is how to accept what I have been dealt and then adjust accordingly.

One of the major differences between myself and Joseph, as Charles Swindoll writes,        “is the Lord God remained first in Joseph’s life.  He was the focus of his life.  The lens of God’s will stood between Joseph and his circumstances, enabling Joseph to see God in them, to read God in them and enable God to use him in them.”  I’ve been too preoccupied feeling sorry for myself to give God the focus of my attention.  I have allowed my so called burdens and my so called losses to be my focus.  I have imprisoned myself into a cave of darkness by my own choosing.

Joseph, on the other hand, prospered during his hardships because He never forgot to put his trust in God.  God was always there…just as God is here for me, waiting patiently and silently.  God never leaves my side…He just steps back and allows me to call on Him.   God is aware of my hurt and disappointment of my divorce.  The grief I have battled due to the loss of family from the divorce, God feels.   God knows my everyday struggles and hardships and clutches my hand when I reach out to Him.

According to Charles Swindoll, my prayer needs to be, “Lord, God, help me now.  Deliver me from my own prison.  Help me to see beyond the darkness, to see Your hand.  As I am being crushed, remold me.  Help me to see You in this abandonment, this rejection.”  I must “turn my trial into trust as I look to God to tenderly use this affliction, this dungeon, this abandonment for His purpose.”

I must remember that through it all, God has not forgotten me.  He has not put me on hold as Ziggy has questioned.  He is just patiently waiting for me to ask Him to walk alongside me through this life He has blessed me with.  He wants me to put my complete trust in Him.

Today I am thankful for the patience of a loving God.

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4 Responses to God…Ziggy and I Have a Question

  1. Sarah Erwin says:

    I love that we all have the ability to prosper during hardships when we trust Him. Love you Jen.

  2. I know…It blew me away to be reminded about what all Joseph went through. I needed that book at that moment. Joseph was amazing in how he overcame so many horrible things just with his trust and love of his God. I love you too my sweet Sarah.

  3. Trina says:

    Well written, Jennifer.

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