Tossing Out the Old…

While on vacation this past week, I kept myself busy with cleaning out closets, organizing drawers and cabinets, and tossing out junk. I feel the need to simplify.  I feel the need to breathe.  I feel the need to start fresh.  My life has felt cluttered, chaotic, and claustrophobic for some time and it was starting to take its toll on my mental state.

Why does a new year always make us think of a fresh start…a new lease…a beginning?  My hope for this new year is that I will be content with the life that God has blessed me with.  That I can accept the bad days along with the good.  How can we ever appreciate the mountaintops if we are never in the valley?  Abraham Lincoln, one of the most admired Presidents stated, “Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.”  I believe this to be true and I hope to apply it to my life for 2011.

This world has us programmed into thinking that the grass is always greener on the other side, that more is better, that love is like in the movies and always has happy endings.  I feel that inner peace and contentment will find me once I let go of these myths.

To enter the door of this new year, I need to welcome each day as the gift that it is.  I need to remember that wants and needs are two different things.  I need to accept that I can only change myself and not another.   I need to recognize that I am who I am…warts and all.  I need to live life to the fullest, laugh harder and more often, and love with compassion.

These things I know are true:   Bad things happen to good people.  Life does suck on occasion, roses do have thorns, and a glass can be half empty.  However, it is up to me to turn the lemons into lemonade.

We always want more, we think we need bigger and better, and we insists on the upgrade. I laughed out loud when reading this quote by Charles Swindoll because it hit home,  “The good life – the one that truly satisfies – exists only when we stop wanting a better one.”

So, I’m going to keep cleaning, tossing, and accepting that I am living the good life.  It might not be as glamorous as I would like, I might not have all the toys on my wish list, and I might have to work a little harder, but life is good.  What more could I ask for?

Today I am thankful for the good life I’ve been given.

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2 Responses to Tossing Out the Old…

  1. Paula says:

    Well this one really hit home with me because I am trying hard in 2011 (I don’t want to say it is a resolution) to also be positive and be grateful for everything God has given me. Thanks for reminding me.

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