Childhood Memories and Me

Jennifer with her awesome horse in 1969

I’m sitting here nesting on my old leather couch enjoying my last day of Christmas vacation (Monday).   I’m all snuggled in like a bug in a rug, with my brown tone afghan, my laptop, and my faithful companion Scooter by my side.  I’m thinking life is really good.  As I look out my window, I can see the neighborhood kids playing a game of baseball.  I hear their laughter, I see their smiles, and I feel their excitement.  It made me reflect on some of my childhood memories.

I remember meeting with the neighborhood gang and playing cowboys and Indians, dressed with our cap pistols and holsters and riding broomsticks, pretending they were horses.  My mom actually made my broomstick look like a horse by forming a face and head out of material to put over the straw end.  It rocked!  All the little neighborhood kids wanted my horse to ride, but I didn’t share too often.  Being the creative type, she even sewed me an Indian costume one Halloween to go along with my horse.  Needless to say, I was impressed.  I remember ducking behind bushes, hiding behind cars, and running between the yards in search of the elusive bad guys.

I remember gathering up little tonka cars and trucks and creating our own little town… paving roads, carving tunnels, and filling up holes with water to make lakes and ponds in the sandbox and into the side of a steep dirt pile. I remember loving the feel of the damp sand and the smell of the dark dirt.

I remember the roller skates, the REALLY old-fashioned kind, that came with a key and a strap to buckle over the top of your shoe to keep the skate on your foot.  Best I recall, it didn’t work real well.   We did have fun trying as we would hold  the waist of the friend in front and form a human train as we skated and fell around the sidewalk that ran in front of our houses.  What even made it more challenging was one neighbor had a brick sidewalk with the grout and cracks and I remember bumping along and loosing our skates.

I remember learning to ride my purple bike with the banana seat that I thought was so cool.  How I had a cement block that I would push-off from and then secretly pray that I wouldn’t fall.  I didn’t want to scratch that bike or my knee for that matter.  I remember the excitement I felt when I made it to the next house without falling and then wondering how I was going to turn around.

I hadn’t thought about the good old days in a good long while.  It reminded me of a happy childhood full of innocent fun shared with some great childhood friends.  I wonder if they have the same memories…????

Today, I am thankful for happy childhood memories.

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5 Responses to Childhood Memories and Me

  1. Trina says:

    We still hang a Christmas stocking Matt made in your mom’s class. She was the most creative teacher ever!

  2. Robyn says:

    Oh wow, that brings back such fun memories!!!!! Thanks Jennifer!

  3. Glad to hear Robyn! That’s why I’m here!

  4. Trina, my mom will love to hear that stocking is still being hung. Can’t wait to share that with her! She is still very creative!

  5. Cindy Hughes says:

    How precious!

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