Jesus, Take the Wheel…

Emotion is such a funny thing isn’t it?   I see emotion to be similar to a roller coaster ride.  Up and down, round and round, high then low, then on we go. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, creeping up then down we go.

Can you hear the clink, clank, and clatter of the coaster as it creaks up the steep incline before it’s drastic plunge?  Can you feel your heart stuck in your throat as you await the spiraling spins and twirls?  Do you feel the pressure and the force against your face and chest?  Are your knuckles white with anticipation as they grip the bar that keeps you pinned?

I hate amusement park roller coasters and I hate emotional roller coasters even more so.  They both scare me.  They tie me up in knots and they are pointless.  I don’t want to engage in either one and I would love to avoid them at all costs.

The biggest difference between the two rides that I can see is that you are a willing participant in the amusement park roller coaster.  You usually even pay cold, hard cash for these wicked twists and turns.

With the emotional roller coaster you are a participant whether you want to hop on or not.  Your mind forces you on the ride… kicking and screaming as you stretch out your arms to grasp to anything that will save you getting on that ride.

Why do our emotions like to play with our minds?  Why can’t they go find something better to do?  Why can’t they just leave us alone?

One of my personal commandments is to not to sweat the small stuff…and most of it is small stuff.  That is what I find most annoying about the emotional roller coaster.  My life is not dark, gloomy, and downcast.   I can see blue skies most days with a little ray of sunshine thrown in.  But my mind wants to play games and likes me to believe otherwise.  Satan is the master manipulator and delights when he sees me squirm.  He loves seeing me get on that ride and he gladly pays my admission price.

It’s a daily battle to keep the emotions in check and on track.  It’s a challenge to program the mind to believe that ups and down are a part of life.  It’s a work in progress that must be enforced day in and day out.

My prayer is to one day be able to totally let go and let God… be in control of every aspect of my life.  Who better to be the watchman over my life than my Heavenly Father?  All I have to do is hand over the keys and put God in the driver’s seat…”Jesus, take the wheel…”

Today, I am thankful for Jesus being in the driver’s seat.

Watch this youtube video from Carrie Underwood singing the beautiful song, “Jesus Take the Wheel.”

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4 Responses to Jesus, Take the Wheel…

  1. Lori says:

    “don’t sweat the petty stuff and don’t pet the sweaty stuff” George Carlin

  2. LOL…Lori, well said my friend.

  3. You are a very {smart|intelligent|capable|bright|clever} {person|individual}!

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