Calgon, Cowboy, Whatever…Just Take Me Away


The cowboy waiting to take me away...



Sometimes I wish I had the nerve to sell  my belongings, pack up my car, and just drive…with no specific destination in mind.

I wish I had more of a gypsy spirit in my bones, topped with sense of adventure, and the courage to live on the edge.

There is so much I want to see and do.  I want to explore the world.  I want to experience new things.  I want to capture firsthand the beauty around me.  I want to soak in the different cultures…the people, the food, the surroundings.

I want to learn to paint the world around me with a brush stroke or a pencil.  I want to learn how to write a book that people want to read.  I want to learn how to capture a breathtaking photograph.  I want to create a website so that I can share what I uncover.

I long to see the lighthouses on the east coast and hear the waves beat against the rocks below.  I want to follow the fall foliage and see the colors that decorate the trees and ground.  I would love to walk the streets of history and feel the stories as they unfold.  I crave to see the vineyards in California and sample their many wines (and I don’t even like wine).  I want to take in the white-capped Teton mountains of Wyoming and fish in a stream.  I  crave to feel the mist from Niagara Falls and to scan the red dirt of the Grand Canyon.  I want to explore the southern plantations of Georgia and travel down the Mississippi in an old fashion paddle boat.

I imagine myself exploring the streets of London and Venice.  I picture myself on the rolling hills in Austria.  I envision the castles of Germany, the ruins in Rome, and the jungles of Africa.  I can feel the cold of the Russian winter and the heat of the sand in Arabia.

I wish I could take a flight in a hot air balloon.  I want to ride in a horse-drawn carriage through Central Park.  I would love to see New York City at Christmas and take in a Broadway show.  I think about the fishing ports of Alaska and the scenic coasts of Washington and Oregon and the beauty they all behold.

Everyone needs to start a bucket list and everyone needs to dream.  I acknowledge that I will never see or do most of the things I dream about.  However, sometimes dreams are better than reality.  In our mind we can create them to be as good or better than they actually are.  In our dreams, we can create a masterpiece…so Calgon…cowboy…whatever, just take me away.

Today I am thankful for my imagination so I can create a masterpiece in my mind.

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9 Responses to Calgon, Cowboy, Whatever…Just Take Me Away

  1. Paula says:

    Now that was a fun one. I could see all those places. You can write a book
    DO IT
    Sell EVERYTHING???? Well…..I say GO FOR IT.

  2. Thanks, but I have to be realistic! Plus, not guts…

  3. Sandra Roberts says:

    I too want to do all those things, I was sooo serious about 5 yrs ago about getting me a Teardrop Camper and joining the “SISTERS ON THE FLY”, its a group of ladies that travel in their campers and fish and see the wilderness! Im still waiting for Mike to get me that Teardrop Camper,,,, If I get it Jen I will come and pick u up!

  4. Becky Wafer says:

    I’ve seen the plantations of Georgia and they suck!!! haha It is so freakin’ HOT in Georgia that you can hardly breathe…you can feel the sweat dripping down into your bra and dripping down your back into your pants….feels great!! The only thing I enjoyed about the plantations were that they all had a mule….I enjoyed talking to the mule. I, too, want to see the things that you wish to see….a lot of them I have had the pleasure of witnessing….a white water river, a glacier on top of the world in Montana, picking huckleberries for pancakes cooked over a fire, dancing the cotton eyed Joe in Colorado under the full moon, watching an eagle fly magestically over Lake Irwin, Colorado, …..I have so many wonderful memories of my past experiences, but I’m adding new memories now….Jen, put on your big girl panties and go camping, fishing, rafting, cooking marshmellows over a crackling fire,….I double dog dare you!!! Love you….

    • Hey, so when do you wanna go? Get to packing!! LOL Love you too.

      • Becky Wafer says:

        I’d love to go to the mountains as soon as the snow melts! We could also go to the Abilene State Park and just hang out and have a fire…that sounds fun…I’d love to do that some time…you bring a match and I’ll bring the weenies….Haha

  5. Woo Hoo Becky. Sounds like a plan!

  6. Robyn says:

    Your statement…”In our mind we can create them to be as good or better than they actually are”, made me think of how I do that with my past sometimes, ie…old boyfriends, life before marriage, etc…! I need to remember that statement!!!!

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