Headlines and Home

Each morning the majority of us start our day with a cup of fresh brewed coffee and the television tuned to our favorite news channel.  We read the headlines of the daily newspaper and it is rarely shouting good news.  Most of the time we are able to listen, absorb, feel, and at the same time dismiss these news stories to a point, because the story is usually far removed from us.

Sadly, for the past couple of weeks, the tragic news that has made headlines in our local papers has made the national news as well.  To hear Headline News host Nancy Grace talk and devote a large part of her program to the happenings of a small West Texas community  and utter the words, Colorado City, Texas, Dunn, Texas, and Snyder, Texas, is almost incomprehensible.  To think that a young girl missing…whether it is voluntary on her part (out of fear) or if she has walked into the hands of evil is sickening.

This beautiful child is someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s neighbor, and someone’s friend.  The mystery surrounding her disappearance is frustrating, frightening, and sad.  A cloud of questions consumes us, a search for answers keeps rolling through our mind like a ticker tape on Wall Street, and a sense of urgency wells up in our chest.

However, as bad as we want these things, we need to be slow to judge, slow to condemn, and slow to point fingers.   We need to remember that we, as the public, don’t need to know all the facts, even though that is something we all secretly want to know.   We, as the public, don’t have to have all the answers immediately even though we all expect a quick fix…we want to know why…we want to know who…we want to know when…and we want to know someone is doing something to bring this little girl home.

There is no doubt that people are working around the clock to solve this mystery.  There is no doubt that mistakes have been made, but human error, poor choices, and bad judgment calls are going to happen in the best circumstances.  We need to remember there are many pieces to a jigsaw puzzle.  Some of the pieces fit together perfectly and easily while others take time and effort to find their place in the puzzle.

I’m as eager as the next person for wanting this story to have an ending.  I’m ready for the Lone Ranger to ride into town and save the day.   I’m ready for Superman to change into his suit and cape and bring this girl back.  I’m ready for the chief to pick up the bat phone and give Batman and Robin a call.  However, this isn’t a TV crime drama that gets solved in an hour.  This is a real, live, honest to goodness heartbreak case.

My prayer is that the mystery of Hailey Dunn will be solved soon.

Today I am thankful for the times that my fellow-man reaches out to those in need or hurt and lends a helping hand.

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3 Responses to Headlines and Home

  1. Becky Wafer says:

    I try not to watch too much news because it makes me so anxious, but I have followed this case. I don’t know how Billie Dunn, mother, is coping with it all. If my baby was missing I would have to be sedated and hospitalized from complete sadness and a void that can never be filled. I hope that she is comforted by family and friends….I also wish for a happy ending, but as time goes by, the more I feel it may not be what we all wish.

  2. Mike says:

    The mother and stepfather killed this girl. They will soon be on deatthrow.

    • I pray that you are wrong. Being a mother myself I can’t imagine that concept. However, crimes against children should be severe and I do support the death penalty. Thanks for your comment and let’s hope we have answers soon.

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