My Little Scooter Booter

My best buddy, Scooter

“A poodle,”  my sister asked?  “Why would you ask me to go look at a poodle?  I don’t even like poodles,” she quickly added.

This was the  conversation I had with my little sister about 7 years ago before I had my little sidekick Scooter.  I had noticed an add in the Lubbock paper advertising a black tiny toy poodle that I had wanted to get for my son for his birthday.  His father and I were going through a divorce and I thought this might help the transition.    I had decided to ask my sister to go check out the pup first before I drove 90 miles to see for myself if the little guy was a keeper or not.

She begrudgingly agreed to do the deed and I anxiously awaited her return call.  It didn’t take long and all I heard on the other end of the line was, “I never thought I would say this about a poodle, but he is the sweetest and cutest little thing I have ever seen!”

Needless to say, I brought my little black baby home and he soon became the light of our lives.  Instead of comforting my son through the divorce however, Scooter in turn, comforted me.

What is it about this scraggly little black dog that I love so much?  Is it the greeting me at the back door each day as I come home?  Is it the way he likes to snuggle with me on the couch?  Is it the way he takes each step that I make and rarely leaves my side?

His black eyes stare at me intently.  He actually seems to adore me.  He loves my company and wants to stay in my lap.  He is my best friend and confidant.  His little wagging tail, his “please mom take me” look, and his “you better stay away from my mama” bark are all things that let me know he loves me.

I’ve never understood why our dogs are such loyal companions, but I’m so glad that God placed them on this earth and in our lives.  Who would ever think that something so simple as a hairy, four legged creature could bring so much joy, could offer so much love, and make us feel so needed?

Today I am thankful for the companionship of my best buddy Scooter.

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2 Responses to My Little Scooter Booter

  1. Jo Ann Ham says:

    I thought you were describing my dog, Oreo. I started by keeping her for Mark for “just a month. I don’t want a dog and I won’t let it stay in the house.” Well, two weeks later, you couldn’t have pried her from my hands and heart. And, yes, she stays in the house. She is such a comfort. I know just how you feel about her snuggling up and looking at you with those adoring eyes. She sheds terribly, but it is worth it just to have her in my life. I too, am thankful for my dog, Oreo.

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