Painting on the Beach

Iberostar Resort Beach, Cozumel, Mexico

I remember passing by the little kiosk several times a day for the first 4 days.  I recall  thinking, “I can’t believe people spend their days painting ceramics while on vacation in Mexico.”  Seemed a little silly, almost crazy to my way of thinking.  Then, during one of my passing by moments, it caught my eye…

There it was…a small plate in the shape of a fish.  Nothing special, just interesting.  I mean how unique can it be, right?  Ceramic pieces start white and don’t really come to life until you begin adding the colors.   I began talking to some of the vacationers who were all painting their treasures.  A young couple from Houston painting a big, old parrot to hang on their porch.  A child, from another Texas town, painting alongside her grandmother.  Three sisters huddled together, giggling and talking in whispers, like young girls do.

I walked to my special spot that looked out over the ocean and laughed again to myself, “Paining ceramics while sitting on the beach in Mexico…crazy!”    I plugged in my earphones and begin to listen to my beloved music.  I tried to read the book I held in my hands, but all I could think about were the people sitting around the old wooden tables, laughing and painting silly little ceramic pieces.  I couldn’t stand it any longer.  I kept thinking about that little fish dish and decided, “Oh why the heck, not?”  I gathered up my things, slipped on my flip-flops and decided to join in on the fun.

I pointed to my selected piece, paid the little Mexican girl who was manning the kiosk with her mother, and sat on an old, unpainted wooden bench to begin my masterpiece.  As I reached for a brush I noticed they were the cheap little watercolor brushes that came in sets with paints.  I chuckled thinking this might take a while, but hey, I was in vacation in Mexico…all I had was time.

With each stroke of the brush, and with each dip in the palette of colors, I soon realized that painting ceramics on the beach in Mexico wasn’t such a crazy idea.  I actually found myself thinking it was one of the most enjoyable activities I did while I was on my trip.  Not only did I share paints, brushes, and water bowls with complete strangers, I shared conversations, laughter, and created memories.

I now have a priceless “Kodak” moment of my time on the beach.

Today I am thankful I painted on the beach in Mexico.

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2 Responses to Painting on the Beach

  1. Cindy says:

    That is the neatest thing! Isn’t it amazing how far “taking a chance” will take us? That is very cool!

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