Oops, I Did it Again!

Thinking, reflecting, praying, or lost in thought?

I’m starting to feel like the Britney Spear’s song, “Oops I Did it Again!”  I was determined that I was not going to allow the “small stuff” to occupy my thoughts, waste my time, and get me down in the dumps.  However, it seems that no matter how hard I try to carry  out this resolution, I keep slipping, sliding, and diving head first into the same old pattern.

The evil one (devil) is such a Master at disguise.  He can make it seem that your silly thoughts are justified, and that your pity party is deserved.  However, I know better!  I know a real problem when I hear it.  I recognize a bad situation when I see it.  I read heartbreaking stories,  and I witness suffering and hardships.  Guess what?  My situation does not even compare!

I’m ashamed to admit this shortcoming.  I’m embarrassed that I can be so shallow.  I’m upset that I can be so self-absorbed.  I am humiliated to wipe away the tears I shed over minor setbacks or hurt.

I’ve concluded that it is a battle that I am going to have to face daily until my “demons” have grown weary of trying to wear me down.  I will need to dress in the armor of faith, and grab the shield of hope, while I wrestle the devil for peace.

Today I am thankful for faith, hope, and peace.

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4 Responses to Oops, I Did it Again!

  1. Becky says:

    Hey Jennifer,
    I, personally, think that “we” are the ones that make hell on earth for ourselves. I think it’s our inner conflicts that people tend to blame on a “devil”. When we start our own introspect we begin to see that “we” create all of our own demons. I like to think that we have a direct line to the “spirit” and can call upon it at anytime. When I begin to feel that inner conflict….I stop, I breathe and meditate…this gives me great relief and clears my mind, as well, as my soul. Blessed Be, Jen….

    • Becky,
      Good point. Yes, we are the ones that make hell on earth for ourselves. But don’t you think the inner conflicts enters the picture because we take our focus off God and that’s when the devil steps up to the plate? I know all I have to do is call out to God, but when I’m throwing myself a pity party, I’m too caught up in that moment. LOL That’s when I need God to hit me upside the head with a baseball bat and yell….HELLOOOOO!!

  2. Tammy says:

    You’re good! Gosh, I read your words and continue to reflect on my own life. You are so right – it is a daily battle.
    Keep up the great work – I look forward to seeing what thoughts you have each day.

    • Tammy, thanks for your kind words and encouragement. I’m not sure I would call it “good,” I simply write what I’m feeling that day. If others can relate or look forward to the posts, then I am honored.

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