Man in the Mirror…

A blue iris. A human eye.

Image via Wikipedia

You looked through me with eyes of steel

You spoke AT me with words that killed

The life you’ve led…You’ve made your bed

What more is there to say?

No, I’m not perfect

There’s no such thing

I do have faults

I’ll shoulder some blame

You got your way…You had your day

How happy you must be

To know that you, a big shot

Can squash a bug like me

To know that others see your mask

That hide your face no more

Must be a thought…a scary thought

For the one I once adored

Who do you recognize when you look in the mirror?

Is it someone you’re thrilled to see?

Or do you look at the one in the mirror with regret

For the one you used to be?

I hope one day our paths will cross

And we’ll meet again someday

On neutral ground and talk like friends

Before we went astray.

The way it was meant to be.

Today I am thankful for possibilities.

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