Raise Your Glass

2011 Chamber Banquet

Table decorations

When I am asked what I do for a living, I often respond that I get paid to party!  How many people get the bragging rights to that statement?   While I might not be paid to actually “party”, I am in the middle of the action, the center of the stage, and close to the spotlight in a behind the scenes way.  That’s the way I like it.  I love the behind the scenes part the best.

The planning stages of an event takes months to prepare.  I never dreamed how much work truly went into the preparation.  I (along with my two co-workers) have sat through many meetings, spent numerous hours, made countless phone calls, and spent many sleepless nights wondering what had been forgotten.

Truthfully, before I went to work at the chamber, I didn’t give much thought to the planning at all.  Perhaps I thought that someone just snapped their fingers and “POOF” it just fell into place.  I guess you could say I took the whole thing for granted.  My eyes have been opened.

One of the most difficult and challenging aspects is finding sponsors willing to donate their time, their equipment, their talent, and/or their money.  Businesses are hit constantly for contributions for various worthy causes, school activities, and organizations, so competing for their budget dollars can difficult.

Fortunately, we have many businesses that are willing to step up to the plate and do their part for the community.  They can see the value, they visualize the big picture, they understand the benefits.  If an event is successful, the more people it will attract in the coming years.  That in return means more money being spent in our town.  Everyone benefits if this cycle is complete.

This is what the chamber is striving for.  Our job is to attract people to Snyder so they will spend money in your business, eat at your restaurant, sleep in your motel, have repairs done at your shop, establish roots in your neighborhood, and enroll students in your school.

One of the greatest aspects of my job is representing the community and the people that I love.  I am fortunate to work with two women that love Snyder as much as I do.  We each have different areas of passion and expertise and I think that is why we work so well together.  We are a team, we are a family, and above all, we are friends.  (Our team also consists of a dedicated group of volunteers, but that in itself is another story).

Today I am thankful for my hometown.   I have been known to threaten to pack up and move away on occasion, but I’m not sure I would ever be happy any where else.

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