Did that Ring Burn your Finger

Did that ring burn your finger

Did that vow mean a thing

Is that new girl your dancing with

Your latest little fling

Does she make you feel much younger

Or do you think your cool

I guess you know that others saw

And thought you were a fool

I remember hidden phone calls

And your early morning “drives”

Guess I didn’t want to know then

Or listen to your lies

When you wined and dined me

You shared with me your past

How you were left for another

But you said we would last

Now you’ve left me standing here

Alone and full of fear

Wondering what just happened

And if I could trust again

You said you were tired of responsibility

That marriage and family brings

Yet it didn’t take you long at all

To buy new wedding rings

I’m sure she thinks that she’s the one

Different from all the others

If she only knew what she had coming

She would run for cover

Perhaps you’ve found your soul mate

And maybe three’s a charm

You always needed someone to dangle off your arm

I hope you truly love her

And consider her your equal

But we both know that’s not the deal

To your happy ever after


Today I am thankful that I had to lose to win.

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4 Responses to Did that Ring Burn your Finger

  1. Jacki says:

    I really like this! Did you write it yourself? It reminds me of a past relationship of mine… There was no wedding rings but the pain was still strong! But you are right you have to lose to win!! I wouldn’t trade my prize for anything else in this world!

  2. Haley says:

    Did you write this?

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