What’s Forever For?

The vow of eternal love…the hope of a long and lasting love…the dream of happily ever after.  Are these things only in fairy tales?  Are they only visions in our mind?  A mirage created by false illusions?

Does our modern world not respect the vow of commitment like it did in an earlier time?  Do we prefer to retreat and surrender in our relationships and not suffer through blood, sweat, and tears and battle until the bitter end for a love that endures a lifetime?

The family unit does not seem to be treasured, desired, and coveted any longer.  It seems to have been replaced with relationships that seem to be nothing more than a passing phase like short-term parking, drive through fast food fixes, and quickie encounters.  I just don’t understand our lack of commitment to anything worth having.

Call me a relationship hoarder, a heart collector, or a romantic stockpile junkie.  I just want to hold on to something that will last.  I don’t want to take a stroll around the block or a hike through the park.  I want a long journey, a lifetime adventure, a never-ending odyssey, or a pilgrimage until I reach the other shore of my time on this earth.

By the way…what is forever for?

Today I am thankful for the couples that endure…that honor the commitment…for better and for worse.  I salute you.

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