“Bitterness is like drinking poison then expecting someone else to die.”  What a powerful statement that someone penned.

I have thought of this statement quite often in the past several months, realizing the truth behind it’s words.  As I open the door to my heart and soul examining what is inside, the ugly revelation is obviously clear.  Bitterness is a malignancy, a toxin, a virus that eats away at our core.

Bitterness robs us and hardens us.  It turns our heart to stone.  Why we choose to drink from this devil’s cup…a concoction mix of tainted lies and stained truths is a mystery.   The cauldron that holds our bitterness festers a brew so toxic that it threatens to destroy our very being.

Our bitterness needs to be bundled up and laid at the feet of our heavenly Father.  Only He can wipe our heart clean.  He can cleanse our soul and rid our body of this poison.  Bitterness kills the person that harbors it inside.  We tend to think that our stinging attitude and intense reactions towards another will hurt or destroy them.  We often fail to recognize that in the process we only hurt and destroy ourselves.

Like a thief in the night, bitterness will creep in and take from us our joy, our love, and our reason for living.  It is a bandit that disguises itself as our friend, but reveals its true colors  once the pollution and infliction has been rooted.

As I battle to rid my life of the bitterness that I have been harboring, I pray that God will purify my heart to its restored state so that I may be a better steward of this life He has so blessed me with.

Today I am thankful for the cleansing that only the Lord can give.

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