Not Sweating the Small Stuff…Personal Commandment #2

He endured this for me...

I am beginning to discover that not sweating the small stuff is actually kinda nice.  I have also uncovered the fact that most of what happens in my daily life is small stuff.  Of course,  tragedies do happen, and unfortunate things do occur, but for the most part, my life is pretty stress free.

I admit, I do let little things annoy me…I let small things get me down…I allow minor inconveniences get under my skin…and why?  Does it help?  No.  Does it make it better?  Obviously not.  Does it change the outcome?   No way.  So, why do we sweat the small stuff?

I’m not really sure how to answer that question.  I know life can’t be perfect, and I expect there to be bumps in the road.  Yet I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve wasted fretting and stewing over the smallest detail and minor setbacks.  What a relief it has been to just dust my hands off, take a deep breath, and turn it over to God.  I am learning that He wants to shoulder my burdens.  My responsibility is to learn to let go.  For some odd reason, that is easier said than done.

Today I am thankful for the shoulder of a loving Father.

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